Benefits Extension

nj state logoIf you are speculating what happens once your normal unemployment benefits expire in New Jersey, the answer is extended unemployment benefits. Extended unemployment benefits let you to continue receiving your benefits while you search for a new job. Fundamental qualifications for extended benefits are the same as for regular benefits. However, your normal benefits must run out by a certain date for in order for the extended benefits to commence. That is why the application is automatic in New Jersey.

Since May2006, the State of New Jersey provides federally funded emergency unemployment compensation. This compensation is obtainable to those who have worn out the standard benefits. Standard New Jersey jobless benefits are good for 13 weeks. The emergency unemployment compensation can lengthen these benefits for an additional 7 weeks for those who qualify. Not everyone will meet eligibility requirements.

Extension Requirements

In order to be eligible for New Jersey extended benefits, you must have either worked no less than 20 weeks during your base period at a minimum weekly wage of $145, as of 2011, or earned 40 times your weekly benefit amount all through your base period.

When you enter the New Jersey extension portion of your unemployment benefits, the set of laws about continued eligibility become stricter than during your standard benefits period. You must submit evidence of your work search each week that you file for benefits, and the state becomes more cautious about keeping tabs on your work search.

Time Frame

UnemploymentThe maximum length of time for collecting unemployment benefits in New Jersey differs according to several factors. You can potentially collect extended benefits for 13 or 20 weeks based on the unemployment rate at that time. When the jobless rate in New Jersey is at least 6.5%, you can obtain benefits for an additional 13 weeks after your regular benefits run out. If the jobless rate is 8% or greater, the extended benefits last for 20 weeks.

With federal benefits in place, the order in which you obtain your benefits is:

  1. Regular state benefits,
  2. All available tiers of Emergency Unemployment Compensation, then
  3. Extended Benefits.

Regular Benefits

In times of fairly low unemployment, you can obtain unemployment benefits in New Jersey for up to 26 weeks. Your benefits might last for less than that based on how much time you spent working during your base period, which is the 1st four of the five most currently completed calendar quarters. For every week you worked up to 26 weeks, you can collect a week of unemployment benefits at a rate determined by your earnings.

Emergency Unemployment Compensation (EUC)

New Jersey Unemployment Benefits ExtendedUPDATE: Emergency unemployment compensation(E.U.C), a federally sponsored scheme for additional weekly benefits(after regular UI is exhausted) expired as on 28th Dec 2013. EUC is currently not available in any state.

Through 2011, the federal government funded extensions that permit New Jersey residents to obtain unemployment for up to 99 weeks including regular benefits and Extended Benefits, which is now expired.

Your entire benefits in each tier are a percentage of your whole regular benefits; hence if your normal benefits lasted less than 26 weeks, each tier of federal benefits would last for below the maximum duration.

Extended Benefits (EB)

Once the emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) runs out, extended benefits kick in. New Jersey offers 20 weeks of extended benefits beyond that point. In order for EB to become active, New Jersey had to have an unemployment rate that averaged 6.0% over a three-month period.

How to File for New Jersey Extended Unemployment Benefits

  1. Extend Unemployment ExtensionDecide your eligibility for New Jersey Unemployment benefits. In order to qualify, you must be unemployed, not qualified for a new claim and have worked for no less than 20 consecutive weeks before termination and obtained at least $7500 in compensation from your employee.
  2. File an initial unemployment claim in the State of New Jersey. File online or in telephone at the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. You will need to give personal information besides information on your previous employment.
  3. Look for employment while obtaining benefits. In case you make no such effort, your benefits will discontinue. The State of New Jersey requires proof that you are actively seeking a job while collecting unemployment.
  4. Get in touch with the State of New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Department to notify them that you have been incapable of gaining employment during the 13-week term of unemployment. The department automatically files the emergency extension of your jobless benefits for an additional 7 weeks.
  5. Keep on seeking employment as you progress through the tiers of emergency unemployment benefits. You do not need to apply as the New Jersey Department Labor and Workforce Development will continue to file the application on your behalf for each tier.

Get extended benefits once you have worn out your fourth tier emergency unemployment benefits. Similar to the emergency unemployment benefits, the state files for you automatically. As of 2011, there is no running out of extended benefits only if the recipient keenly seeks employment.