NJ Unemployment Benefits

New Jersey unemployment insurance offers assistance to citizens who have lost their jobs or whose employment has been influenced by a natural disaster. Unemployment payments give temporary partial wage replacement to sustain workers while they looking for employment. In order to collect unemployment insurance payments, you should file a claim only when you become unemployed or partially employed. You can even apply for unemployment benefits online or over the telephone in New Jersey.

To be eligible for unemployment benefits in New Jersey, you must be a New Jersey resident and have become unemployed through no fault of your own. All of your employment must be in New Jersey for the 18 months before applying for benefits and you must, since 2011 have earned a minimum of $7,300 or worked 20 consecutive weeks before looking for unemployment.

If you are one of the many people who have lost their jobs during the present economic recession, it is important to apply for unemployment benefits on time.

How to Claim Unemployment Insurance in New Jersey

Have available a paper and pencil, your Social Security number and –for direct deposit –your banking information. Record employer information for all jobs in the last 18 months, providing name, address, telephone number, starting and end dates of employment, and cause you are no longer working there.

Apply Online:

Filing online is encouraged if you meet all the following requirements,

  1. All of your work was in New Jersey in the past 18 months;
  2. You did not work for the federal government in the past 18 months;
  3. You did not serve in the military in the past 18 months;
  4. You did not work as a maritime employee in the past 18 months;
  5. You do not reside outside the United States;
  6. You do not want to reopen or file a claim for extended benefits.

If you meet these necessities, you can file your unemployment claim at www.njuifile.net. Fill out the complete form, take care that your computer is not idle for 30 minutes or more and you do not exit, or your session will “time out” and all your information will be lost.

The details you put forward is confidential. The online application makes use of a secure connection in order to encrypt the data you submit. Moreover, there are no limitations on the web. Claims may be filed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Apply by Telephone:

If you are not eligible to file online or would prefer to apply by telephone you may call the Reemployment Call Center.

There are 3 Reemployment Call Centers in New Jersey for filing new unemployment claims and continuing existing claims by telephone. The Reemployment Call Centers are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

You may file by telephoning your Reemployment Call Center.

Union City (Serves Northeast New Jersey): (201) 601-4100
Freehold (Serves Northwest and Central New Jersey): (732) 761-2020
Cumberland (Serves South Jersey): (856) 507-2340
Out-of-State: (888) 795-6672

Because of high call volume, the Division of Unemployment Insurance has lessened the days to file or reopen a claim for benefits by the last digit of your Social Security Number (SSN). Below is the programmed day to call depending on the last digit of your SSN:

  1. Last digit of SSN is 0 – 3 call on Monday.
  2. Last digit of SSN is 4 – 6 call on Tuesday.
  3. Last digit of SSN is 7 – 9 call on Wednesday.

There are no limits on Social Security Numbers on Thursdays or Fridays.

Your call will be dated the Sunday of the week in which you call so ensure you call during the week you want your claim to start. The Unemployment Insurance Division’s week runs Sunday to Saturday. Call volume is heaviest on Mondays, so call later in the week for faster service.

If you are eligible for unemployment benefits, a check will be mailed out the following business day after you claim your benefits using the telephone or the Internet.

Remember not to file unemployment insurance claims on websites that charge fees for filing unemployment insurance claims. There are in no way any charges to file in any state.

422 comments on “NJ Unemployment Benefits
  1. Dolores says:

    My unemployment benefits are soon to expire. Is there a partial extended benefits? I have been actively seeking unemployment but find it difficult at my age which is 64. You answer will be appreicated
    Thanking You kindly

    • Nick says:

      Unfortunately, extension is not available.

      Please inquire with the labor dept in your state.

      • H says:

        I relocated with my child do to domestic violence, my unemployment benifits took so long and are done, I need extended benefits, I’m homeless due to the faulty system. I was denied, under federal law I know I can get an extension.
        How do I do this in another state. After I’m safe I’ll happily go to school or what ever it takes.

        • Nick says:

          The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

      • Frank says:

        My TRA benifits are being held up due to having to verify my 2014 unemployment information. I’m in school, and everytime I call there is a high number of callers and they hang up. My TRA counselor is just waiting for the verification that all information is still the same and my funds will be put directly on my card. Is there another way to verify? They never answer the phone! It’s ridiculous.

        • susheel says:


          Please check online. Use the link below to log-in to the web portal and access the information.


          • Cheryl Boyd says:


          • Jacob says:


            Thank you for writing to us. I suggest you call the Unemployment Office to find out if they have any vacancies. This is a private forum and we do not have links with the Unemployment Call Center operations.

      • Eva says:

        Nick, I am out of source, I understand that NJ benefits are for the duration of 26 weeks. After 10 weeks when I was able to regularly claim weekly benefits on the online Weekly Claim function, the system no longer lets me claim benefits – stating that there is $0 balance. This stopped in the last week of December. Since then, I have been calling the Unemployment numbers every day, as early as 9 am, and everyday the service says that all agents are busy and to call back the next business day. The next business day it is the same recorded answer – call the next business day. I tried to figure how to move this ahead on this website but cannot figure out how to get in touch with any responsible party. I have no clue what to do and how to reach anyone at this service — and meanwhile time is ticking. I trust that I will be paid for the missed weeks. Please advise and get me in touch with a human being. Thank you.

      • George says:

        2 questions i got unemployment in nj in 9\19 but it didnt use my jobs from 2018 or 2019 just early 2018. And it’s running out in 2 weeks. Can i re apply since its a new year and i have 2 jobs that they didn’t use that qualify me?? And 2. I get direct deposit, and I’m trying to change it online to my other debit card and every time i go to screen it says to go to and update your direct deposit info it only accepts my routing # and acct # that I’m using now and says there’s no record in there system of my new card.. No shit!! I’m trying to switch cards???? How do you do it??

        • Jacob says:


          Thank you for your question. Firstly, UI benefits are only a one-time affair. If you’ve exhausted regular UI benefits, chances are there aren’t any more available. With regard to your second question, please speak to the claims center for assistance in this regard.

    • dee says:

      So being that I only had 13 weeks for unemployment can I get a extentions?

    • Kev says:


      I love in NJ. There are currently no extensions but if you are in an approved training program I believe you can continue to receive hi benefits. Call the highest insurance office.

    • Rahmeen newell says:

      Excuse me I wanted to know if the benefits come on automatically or if the benefits gotta be called in and claimed

  2. Laura Andresky says:

    Can I please speak with agent regarding possible extension of benefits?

  3. James Farrelly says:

    My NJ UI claim expired on 2/17/15, are there any extensions available at this time by either NJ or the Federal Government?
    Thank you,

    • Nick says:

      There is no extension available from the federal govt. Please inquire with the claims center on availability of extended benefits in NJ.

  4. Brandon says:

    Is there a website where I can apply for NJ unemployment benefits other than by calling?

    Thanks in advance

  5. chris says:

    has new jersey agreed to a UI extension after benefits run out?

    • Nick says:

      There is no extension available.

      Please inquire further with the customer service of the labor dept in your state.

  6. Max D Collin says:

    want to reopen my claim ,as i have been temporarily laid off

    • Nick says:

      Please use the departmental website to apply online or call the claims center to receive instructions for reopening claims.

  7. Lauren says:

    This is my first time on unemployment in NJ. I am 30 years old. I have been searching for a new job this entire time. I have a car, apt, and bills to pay for. And my unemployment ran out this week. I was told by many that I can file an extension. Does anyone know what to do or the site I need to view to get an extension of unempmoyment in NJ? If I can’t f find anything on what to do. Please help me! I’m very scared at the moment w bills

    • Nick says:


      I can understand your situation.

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  8. mack says:

    I’ve been without a job and UI since October 2014 – have no income and cannot file (according to UINJ) for an extension. How is someone supposed to live in this state? I worked my tail off since 1981 and put into UI I cannot believe this system! and you can’t get a straight answer from anyone

    • Nick says:

      It will probably help if you speed up your job searches.

      If there is a grievance against the state labor authorities, please escalate accordingly by understanding the system.

  9. umesh says:

    My job place is closed permanently.My benefits have been approved for 26 weeks. The office clerk in our office had told us that in such scenario, the benefits could be extended even up to 18 months ? Is is true ? Can some one reply? Thanks.

  10. Carlos says:

    Hello, I have a question, I was working at Victoria’s secret, then I got fired, because of cut of personal, I moved to DC, and worked there 6 months, then I didn’t have a place to stay because the owner of the apartment where I was living sold the building and I moved back to NJ and now I don’t have a job, before leaving DC I left my job in good terms, do I qualify? What should I do next? (Besides looking for a job).

  11. RUTH G says:

    I have been calling the 3 phone numbers FOR 2 WEEKS. After going thru 10 minutes of questions, the recording comes on ALL REPRESENTATIVES ARE BUSY PLEASE CALL BACK AT ANOTHER TIME! How can I reopen a claim?????
    I tried on line – my account is hung up in some cyber-space loop. SO DON’T TELL ME TO FILE ON LINE. I CAN”T It won’t let me!

    • Nick says:

      I can understand your frustration. Please check if you can visit the nearest office for an update. You can also look up for more phone numbers on the website.

      • Elizabeth says:

        This is completely ridiculous. I have to he same issue. I have been calling for THREE WEEKS. Can’t get through to a person. New York has a call back system…perhaps that should be an option in nj. Even when I call the local centers they say they cannot help. I am living off of my savings and about to lose my car and destroy my credit. I can’t complete my online application without talking to a human because I worked out of state. This is a horrible system! What do I do?! I have worked for 15 years and never collected unemployment, it is due to me until my job starts again in April!

    • Gloria says:

      Call early in the morning like when they open 830 keep calling back

    • jackie says:

      Amen to you Ruth this system is lousy

  12. Sherri D says:

    I only have 2 weeks on my claim and can not find work. Will they be doing an extension any time soon? because I put 27 straight years of work in and I find it ridicules that I had paid into this for all these years and now I’m in need and there is nothing. They should take into consideration people that never used this benefit and paid for others to live on and off of it. Time is what I need. I have children and bills to pay.

    • Nick says:

      I can understand your plight. The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  13. kerry says:

    I dont get it how come ppl in the past was able to get extension but the new ppl that gets on unemployment dont get it i find thats not right yall treat ppl back in 2012 .2013 but not 2014.2015 ppl thats wrong thats mess up they got it but we cant get it smfh

  14. fran says:

    I have been on disability since the end of October 2014. My disability ran out at the beginning of May. I will be cleared to go back to work in mid June by my doctor. I called my boss to let him know when I would be able to return to work and he informed me that my position is no longer available to due business slowing down tremendously. Am I eligible for unemployment even though I only worked from January through October of 2014 and have been on disability until a few weeks ago.

    • Nick says:

      On basis of your last job, you may not be eligible as they consider last 4 quarters of employment.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  15. Jennifer says:

    My benefits are about to run out in 2 weeks…….are there any extensions available in NJ

  16. Drew Hogeland says:

    I will be exhausting my NJ Unemployment compensation in the next coming few weeks. It states that there is no extensions at this time. I live in PA, but my most recent employment for over 8 years was in NJ. What can I do?

    • Nick says:

      Please check for other form of benefits that may be available in your state. Details will be available on the internet.

  17. warren miller says:

    I was employed for 6 years at the last company Dublin scrap metal how do I get extended benefits and how much will they be thank you I look forward to your reply

  18. nader says:

    my unemployment will end june 15 and this is first time took unemployment
    i ask about extended also i search about lot of work and made lot interview also with Trenton city without not apply
    i am IT windows admin
    please help me

  19. Vonn Rivera says:

    I have about 3 weeks left of my benefits… with that being said… I am currently residing in Ny but will be moving to Orlando before my benefits run out… how do i go about filing for an extension? Do i talk to NJ unemployment or the state of Florida unemployment… this is my first time having unemployment so please bare with me… dont be frustrated with us newcomers because the last representatives i spoke to gave me nothing but attitude as if she was the one paying for my unemployment or bothering them with questions as a first timer and rushing to get off the phone wih me… im sorry but NJ unemployment need better representatives because the ones you have now sound miserable and does not wanna help us the correct way… instead we get mislead as i was in the beginning while filing for it… please help.. i have 3 little children that depends on me.. And with my benefits expiring soon… i need answers asap…

    • Nick says:

      There is no extension available. Please rev up job search or check for other form of benefits for the unemployed in your state.

      Note: We are not a Govt. agency. You can get your grievance redressed on the official state forum.

  20. Diane says:

    I was just told that I am not being rehired and my last day will be June 30. I work at a public school and want to know if I apply for my pension and social security will it affect my unemployment payments? If so how? I am 69 years old and will now have the added expense of health insurance premiums. I have started my job search but want to know my options. Thank you.

    • Nick says:

      Some states do provide unemployment compensation along with other SS benefits while some don’t.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state to ascertain your qualification in the backdrop of receipt of other govt. benefits.

  21. Frank says:

    My UI benefits expired 4 wks ago. I’m 61 years old and have been working for the last 35 years of my life & never collected one dime for UI. Come to find out, there are no extensions available in NJ at this time? 2 questions… there are 2 different sets of benefits; 1) Emergency Unemployment Compensation & 2) Extended Benefits. What’s the difference? Question #2 Are you allowed to file for UI benefits more than once within the same benefit year or something similar? For instance waiting until the following year and possibly file like a new claim? It seems absolutely vile and unfair that a person could work all there life and in a blink of an eye, find themselves without any recourse. I worked all my life building up my IRA account. I won’t have any money left in 1 year or so. Mortgage, utilities, food, taxes, etc. What do people like us do? I guess the state of NJ will be funding out grant sources for Shelters and homelessness. Aren’t there enough of them? Or is the state getting some type of incentive for keeping people unemployed and homeless? Its a down right joke!

    • Nick says:


      There is no form of extension available at this time. The initial benefits is all one can receive and the UI benefits are not revolving in nature. They are just disbursed once.

      Please check for other forms of benefits in unemployed and also revving up job search can help. Best Wishes!

  22. Guy Striano says:

    Was attempting to claim weekly benefits on line as I have done every other time since applying. I typed in my ss# and pin#. It said my benefits can not be processed use the phone instead. Why am I seeing this?

    • Nick says:

      Please speak to the claims center to get your query addressed.

      They would have real time access to your account and can guide you on what the issue was.

  23. Dora says:

    What types of “other benefits” exist? Where can we find them? Thanks for your help.

  24. Chuck says:

    Hi Mark
    My regular unemployment benefits are set to run out in a couple weeks and I still have not been able to receive full time employment. I understand that the EUC is not in place anymore but on the “Benefits Extension” portion of this site it says that you can apply for “extended benefits” for up to 13 or 20 weeks. Are you saying that the extended benefits are no longer available at all? That doesn’t appear to be the case based on how I’m interpreting it on this website.

    Appreciate any help you can provide.

    • Nick says:

      Hello Chuck,

      EB(Extended Benefits) and EUC(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) are the extension schemes under which one could claim additional weeks.

      However, these are no longer available. You can call the customer service wing of the labor dept in NJ and inquire further.

  25. Megan says:

    I was a fulltime temp filling in for someone for 20 weeks and now separated from the company. Would I be eligible to file a claim? Also, if they were to pick me up on a part time basis of 15 hrs. a week would I still be able to collect unemployment if eligible?
    Thank You

    • Nick says:

      If you worked on permanent rolls, please consider applying. If your employment was contractual or seasonal, you may not qualify.

      If there is a reduction in the standard hours, you can claim for the lost hours in a week.

  26. Jacqueline T Petroni says:

    filed claim 6/30/2015 still have not heard anything. Tried calling to get status of claim cannot get thru to a agent. Do not have pin as yet to use. What do I Do? Would like to know status of claim. Also tried on line but without pin can only get so far

  27. Nicole says:

    I only have about 3 weeks left on my ui..when I went to claim online it won’t allow me to..tells me I have to call..never had to before..why could that be?

  28. Crystal says:

    There is still no extended benefits in nj at this time? Why did they suddenly just stop this ? Ive been trying for months to find something .

    • Nick says:

      There is no extension available in any state due to the Congress not extending the EUC(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) scheme.

  29. Amanda says:

    My benefits run out in September. I still have not found work and have reved up my job search as you have told people to do. I still have not found anything. What am I to do come September if I still do not have a job? I am struggling to get by as it is. How is it we can help foreigners coming to this country but not our own!?

    • Nick says:

      I can understand your plight.

      Also check online for other forms of benefits provided for the unemployed by other agencies/departments.

  30. Robert says:

    If I am receiving NJ Unemployment can I still work a part time job? And is there a min/max amount of hours or money I can make?

    • Nick says:

      You can work part time. Please report the hours worked to the claims center.

      They should be able to give you further information on the hours limit.

  31. Deirdre says:

    I just received a letter stating that my unemployment benefits will soon do complete. I saw comments about contacting Labor Department. What can they do about extending benefits

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  32. Laura Dugan says:

    Is there a possibility the EB/EUC will be approved in the near future?

  33. C Mannion says:

    I have exhausted my unemployment benefits. I have been seeking employment but haven’t been successful, I’m beginning to think it’s an age factor. How do I apply for an extension?

    • Nick says:

      There is no extension available. Please lookout for other form of benefits in your state.

      You can contact the labor authorities in your state for further information.

  34. Lawrence says:

    My Unemployment ran out a few weeks back and I got lucky that I was able to get schooling. But the tests I need to take are a few weeks away and between now and then I’m essentially waiting. The following link says there is extensions available. Is this no longer true?


    • Nick says:

      Please check the disclaimer under Emergency Unemployment Compensation(EUC) section.

      There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  35. Conrad says:

    I’m starting back to work this Thursday 9/3/15 how do I stop my claim.

  36. Tanisha says:

    Hi, I exhausted mt benefits back in October 2014 I worked a temp job for 8 weeks then another temp job for 22 weeks. How long should it take to reopen a claim and get payment

  37. Michelle says:

    If i got fired, but my boss will approve my unemployment, can I still get it or the state will still deny it?

  38. AC says:

    I have been laid off at work and want to visit my family in another country to use this time to be available while my father undergoes surgery there. I might need to be away for a month or more during which time I will continue my job search with online applications and interviews. If I get hired I will return immediately to take up my job. I have to continue to make my mortgage and car financing payments.

    1. Will I be able to get unemployment benefits while abroad if I retain records of my job search efforts?
    2. If I cannot claim unemployment while outside the country can I start filing claims once I return? Does the period away cut into my total unemployment benefits available?
    3. If I stagger my severance payment over a month after my termination, will I be able to claim UI along with the same?

  39. Judy says:

    I will lose my part time position at a doctor’s office, due to the doctor’s upcoming retirement. Is there a minimum number of hours that I would have needed to work per week in order to be eligible for unemployment? I have worked for more than three years and average approximately 15 hours per week.

    • Nick says:

      Part time positions are generally not eligible.

      Please inquire with the labor authorities in your state and apply accordingly.

  40. Lara Bliss says:

    I filed on line like normal on Sunday and got my confirmation #. Today is a holiday, Columbus Day. It says my claim is pended. And when I check my status it does not show any deductions made. Is the pended status due to the holiday? This happened to me last week and they claimed it was a computer glitch.

  41. Johnathan M. says:

    Can you receive unemployment benefits, if you worked a commission based job?

    • Nick says:

      Not sure if you can receive Unemployment Benefits for commission based jobs since employers would have not remitted relevant taxes on behalf of the employee.

  42. Carolyn says:

    I just filed a claim on 10/4/15. I’m a first-timer. Got my paperwork and I can start claiming weekly benefits the Sunday after 10/21. However, a few days after filing my claim, I got an offer to do a 1099 contract for 9 weeks with my previous employer through a 3rd party vendor. My earnings will definitely be more than my WBR. I know that if I claim my weekly benefits for the first time on Sunday, 10/25, their calculations will show that no benefits should be made. Is it true that my claim will be closed after one week of no benefits paid? Does this mean I should not continue with the weekly claims and I should just reopen my claim after the 9 weeks of my contract job? Do you see any potential problem when I reopen my claim? I have tried to call my UE office for several days now. They don’t put you on hold anymore, they just say they cannot take your call and just use the online information and then they disconnect. Please help!

    • Nick says:

      I guess you should keep trying the phone numbers since we do not have specific information in this regard. Apologies.

      We don’t want to misguide you in this regard.

    • Bob says:

      Carolyn: I am in a similar situation. I just started collection weekly Ui benefits but have a potential 10 week project for a company as a 1099 employee. Did you reopen your claim after the 1099 gig ended.

  43. Col says:

    My last time to file with be on this Sunday. From what I am reading Jersey doesn’t offer extensions? Some things I read say you can apply for extension Tier 1.
    Can you verify all of this for me?

    • Nick says:

      That is correct. The federal extension scheme(EUC) remains expired.

      Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state.

  44. Stanley says:

    Since extended UI benefits are not available is there another way to get benefits? I am about to get a new job but need a month or two to get hired and my benefits get exhausted this week. How do i contact the labor authorities in NJ as i am going to get employed but just need a bit more time to get hired and organized?

    • Nick says:

      I am afraid there is no other option available for you.

      Please call the customer service of the labor dept in your state for further information.

  45. Doreen Specht says:

    I have worked in NJ for 20 years and live in PA, so my first question is where would I file? I worked as a medical transcriptionist until my practice was taken over by a large corporation. We were all promised our jobs at the same pay. After 4 days I was told they didn’t need another transcriptionist and sent me to a different office to do chart prep, which I was fine with. Now they want me to learn the front desk besides and do both jobs, which are both full-time positions. Obviously, I am being set up for failure so they can hire someone for less money. I’ve stuck it out for 6 months and I’m having anxiety attacks every day. If I leave this job would I be able to file for unemployment? Do I have any recourse? Been looking for another job but no luck.

    • Nick says:

      Firstly, you must consider filing from the state where you last worked. Secondly, please try and work out a deal with your employer.

      If you quit voluntarily, you may not be eligible to draw UI benefits.

  46. Joe says:

    My unemployment benefits will be running out in about three weeks. I understand there are no extensions but you keep telling people to contact the labor authorities. Can you please give me the contact information for the labor authorities in NJ.

    Thank you.

  47. Carlos says:

    Wow Nick seems more like a broken record then someone who wants to help.
    All he can say is that polly want a cracker no extensions.
    Well I find that to be a load of bull.
    Fight it guys if you only got 13 weeks then appeal it because youve paid into it and now you need it and cant get it.
    I got an idea Nick why dont you step up your job search and get a better job and stop treating these people like 2nd class citizens.
    Not everyone likes to be unemployed.

  48. Carlos says:

    Heres a question I would like answered.
    Why are unemployment employees allowed to be so rude and unprofessional???
    I get it you deal with the general public which cant be easy but it doesnt give you the right to treat people like garbage.

    • Nick says:

      Please redirect your grievance through the right channel. We’re not a govt. website nor do we have any association with the labor authorities in your state.

  49. Denise N. says:

    What do you mean “contact the labor authorities” in my state. Aren’t you there to help file for an extension in the state of NJ? Please elaborate on what the “labor authorities” can do to help me. Thank

  50. Pat says:

    I. Belive back in 2013 I was receiving benefits for previously working in New Jersey, before my benefits expired I was told by a NJ rep that I had to file and use up my Pa benefits since that time I have worked temporary jobs as of two weeks ago I found out that my pa benefits are set to expire. I am a Philadelphia ( resident ) actively job searching for full time . / Question can I apply for the remaining. NJ portion of my benefits .

  51. Susan Tretola says:

    I have to cancel the appointment this morning with
    “Ms. Street” at your Elizabeth office.
    fortunately I was able to get a day of work for today.
    Can you please provide me her email address?
    Thank you.

  52. Krista says:

    This passed year I worked the maximum weeks during my base year period (52 weeks) and was receiving my normal weekly benefit rate (60 percent of my average weekly earnings while employed at my last job). Yet I’m being told I only get 13 weeks of benefits. Why am I not getting the 26 week maximum like stated on the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development website.

    • Nick says:

      Many factors are considered. It up to 26 weeks of benefits and not all of it for everyone.

      You can call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for further information.

  53. adrian says:

    I have worked for 15 years in NY but have lived in NJ. Where do I apply for the unemployment benefits? NY or NJ? Please provide an information regarding to my question.


  54. Sleh says:

    My benefit in New Jersey ended in July 2015. My one year waiting period ends December 14,2015. What happens after this date? What do I do?

  55. Angie says:

    I spoke with a claims examiner on last thurs and was told they would speak to my employer and make a decision. I’ve called today and the csp said a letter goes out tomorrow and the the website would not change. Now everyday I call I get a different answer after 3 hour old. My question is do they only send letters when it is a denial? And why would the website status not change?

    • Nick says:

      I guess, there is a delay in the process. They should send a letter in either case. The status would only change once they make a decision.

      We can only ask you to follow up regularly for an update.

  56. Denise conrey says:

    My son has been attempting to have his account reset in order to file, he doesn’t remember his account information from 2015. He has been calling daily for 3 weeks and can’t get a rep or call back. How do we proceed. It’s getting really stressful. Any help would be great.

    • Nick says:

      Please call the claims center on the phone numbers provided for assistance with the reset.

      • Trish says:

        hey NICK maybe we are calling the claims center! Denise I feel your pain, I have been trying daily non stop for 5 weeks and nothing. I filed a claim on 11/22/2015 and I still cant get a hold of anyone that wants to do their job right! Maybe I will take there job which will solve my claim issue and let them be unemployed and see how frustrating it is to not being able to get a hold of someone at the state !

  57. Gwen says:

    I recently got a part-time job as a seasonal employee. Three times during the year, they have temporary lay-offs and I was told that I can collect unemployment during those times. I have only been there 13 weeks. Can you please explain to me the eligibility process? Is it only that I have to have worked there for a minimum of 20 weeks?
    Thank you.

    • Nick says:

      Please check with the labor authorities in your state if you’re eligible. Generally, seasonal employment is excluded.

      Otherwise you should have been employed for at least 16-20 weeks.

  58. Lori says:

    I made a mistake on my application regarding my end date of my employment, and I want to correct it. I can’t get through on any of the phone lines; they always say call back later! I don’t see information on the website telling me how I can change anything other than my address. Please advise!!

    • Nick says:

      Please try logging in over the internet.

      Since you’ve already submitted the application, its better you speak to the representatives before applying. Try calling during off peak hours.

  59. Jason says:

    I keep trying to change my bank account info online for my new claim that i reopened but it says cannot change direct deposit at this time please try later. How can i update my banking info or when i file my weekly claim will it let me update thank u

  60. Stacy Neglio says:

    how many weeks of unemployment benefits are allowed? I have only received 8 weeks of benefits, (I found interim work and then reopened my claim) it now says that my benefits are exhausted? What do I do now? thanks so much

    • Nick says:

      One can receive up to 26 weeks depending on how much they’ve been approved for.

      If you find any discrepancy, please speak to the claims center.

  61. Marvin Reinhard says:

    I filed to reopen my claim last week and it tells Mr to call a agent but can never get through. All I wanted to know was the status of my claim

    • Nick says:

      This is a private forum. We do not have access to your claim information.

      Please try the phone numbers during off peak hours.

  62. William Beidl says:

    I filed my claim on Dec. 19th for my seasonal job which ended on Dec.18th of 2015. (Confirmation number NJS15006779725) I received a notice saying that my way of receiving my check had changed, which I did not change, so I filled out the banking information page a second time on 12/26/15 (conf # DDI00000413737). Each time I called to claim my check, I was told to speak to an agent. I finally spoke to one and she re-filed the claim, but I was only given a check for the week ending January 16th. I tried to reach a person again but nobody has returned my call, after a 5 hour wait today. I want to know where the checks from Dec. 19th to Jan. 9th are. The hassle involved in trying to straighten out what appears to be an Unemployment Dept. error is just mind-boggling! Can someone help me??

    • Nick says:


      There seems to be a lot of issues reaching out to the Unemployment Office.

      Please try during off peak hours or visit the nearest office for an update.

      • William Beidl says:

        Spoke to an agent on the phone (after a 3 hour wait on hold) and she told me there would be no retroactive pay….but those missing checks (from Dec 19th to Jan 9th) are NOT retroactive payments. They are payments that are due to me from my original filing. She would not listen to me when I tried to give her the confirmation number; she just continued to talk right over me while I was trying to give her the number. Can you give me an address and/or a name of someone I can write to so I can explain what has happened and try to resolve this issue? Thank you.

  63. Martha Baruzzi says:

    My brother’s unemployment benefits ran out last week, after 26 weeks. Is it possible to get an extension? He is in Ocean County, New Jersey.

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  64. Sheldon Johnson says:

    Why do we call the office and no one answers the phone. I’ve been trying to speak with some or for the past 2-3 weeks. I worked from 2013 to 2015 and laid off on January 4th of 2016. My ui was denied. I have yet to recieve a reason why?Can someone please help.

    • Nick says:


      I can understand your frustration. This is a private forum and we are not associated with the Unemployment Office in your state.

      Please try reaching out during off peak hours.

  65. John Caiola says:

    I applied for unemployment back on the 10th of January 2016, received a confirmation number njs16006893206. Why haven’t I received any instructions on when and how to claim my benefits?

  66. I filed a claim on line and did receive a confirmation number. That was Wednesday. When I go back to check and put my drivers license number in to check on the claim. It’s says there is no claim. Can u tell how long it takes to show up on the website ?

    • Nick says:

      It should show up immediately since info is fed on the system real time.

      Please call the claims center to check the status.

  67. Ruth says:


    in the state of NJ is their an extention been provided. I am actively seeking work but companies are laying people off on a daily basis and makes it difficult to compete for work.

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  68. Danny says:

    Republicans have once againblocked an extension of benefitsintended to aid the long-term unemployed.

    Thursday’s vote in the Senate was third time Democrats have attempted unsuccessfully to pass legislation intended to help some 1.7 million people who have had their benefits cut off since the recession-era program expired on December 28.


    Hi I have a question I was unemployed for 4 months and I dont applied because somebody told me that if I resigned due to a family emergency I may not qualify for unemployment. Can I apply now?

    • Nick says:

      The reason for leaving the job will still be considered. You may not be eligible.

      Please contact the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  70. Melissa helme says:

    I have collected my diene fits for the last two weeks of unemployment however the funds haven’t made to my bank account. It was working fine for three weeks.What do I do so I can get my two outstanding checks?

  71. destiny says:

    I love in new jersey and i recieved my phone interview on 2/9/2016 i believe. i claimed my benefits monday on 2/15/2016 and it is now saturday, 2/20/2016 and i have recieved nothing via direct deposit. is this normal or do i need to contact them?

  72. Becca says:

    My unemployment is almost up, I worked in pa but had to apply through NJ with my previous neons due to pa not looking at the current date.
    Can I apply through pa once my NJ benefits are up?

  73. Stan says:

    I reopened a claim after the initial claim lasted 4 weeks before I started work. I worked for 8 months and thenI was laid off again and reopened my claim. I have two questions

    1. Am I still entitled to 26 weeks or does the 4 weeks I was initially paid get subtracted from the original 26 weeks

    2. The reopened claim still lists my employer from the original claim. If I should not be able to achieve employment in the time period of the reopened claim. Does a new claim with my previous employer then start a new claim

    • Nick says:

      Answers to your questions as below.

      1) You will only be eligible to claim whatever is left in your account. It would not be replenished.

      2) Yes, you must be applying on the basis of your last employment.

  74. wilfredo nunez says:

    Please a need extension i start working in april 20 again what do i do.

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  75. Quinn says:

    I worked a part-time job, then switched into full-time employment. After that job ended, I applied for benefits. I was told that the full-time job was not in their calendar year, and so began receiving part-time benefits. The full-time job was attached to my claim. Question: Now that my benefits are exhausted, can I make another claim against my past full-time job since it now most likely falls within their calendar year?

  76. Jeff D says:

    The website Njuifile.net needs allot of work! There is NO way to obtain 1099G form, even though it says you can view or print it. The site keeps taking me around in a continuous loop to nowhere! I’ve login and it says I can’t be verified, even though I can update info and all. I’ve tired it with 3 different browsers same results each time!

    • Nick says:

      Well, I can understand your frustration.

      Please note this is a private forum and we’re unable to provide feedback to the authorities.

  77. D.W. says:

    Filed claim 2-3 weeks ago. No docs in mail from Unemployment. Having issues accessing online claim inquiry. !@#$! I have tried and tried to get to speak with a LIVE person with absolutely NO luck. Either get a busy signal or some stupid recording telling you to call back. ??????? I am calling Christie’s office next. This is INSANE!!!!!!!

    • Nick says:

      Please keep trying is all we can say.

      Call them during off peak hours like afternoon to see if you can get hold of a representative.

  78. Michelle says:

    I submitted my unemployment claim and received a confirmation number, however I need to update my employers as I forgot to include one of them prior to submitting. Am I able to update my employers in my pending claim or will I have to resubmit the entire application again? I tried logging back in to NJSUCCESS and did not find a way to add the info. Thank you.

  79. Diane says:

    Hi Nick,

    Question for you..I was employed with a company in New Jersey for 22 weeks..I left the job on good terms and started my new job a week later making approximately $3.00 more an hour..after approximately two weeks of working at my new job, I had to go out on state of nj temp disability, and once I recovered they filled my position and I no longer had a place of employment to return to..am I entitled to state of nj unemployment insurance benefits?

    I appreciate your help..


    • Nick says:

      I guess, you should be able to.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state to ascertain how they will be treating your case.

  80. GiGi says:

    DO we have any extension in nj unemployment?

  81. Laurie says:

    I see the weekly amount I earned for 2/28-3/4 is incorrect. How can I change it? I earned 1100 it says 110.00. Also I already did an original claim and have a conformation number but it just had me do the same week again. Is there someone I can call for assistance?

  82. Darian says:

    I’m trying to print out a copy of all my recent unemployement benefits ,I’m having trouble finding anyplace to do this …do I need to do it from a desktop computer? ?

  83. Todd says:

    Hi,I have a question ,I’ve been working 25 straight years without claiming unemployment and I see there are “no extensions” after someone runs out so the question is how do I opt out of unemployment? Being I don’t get out what I put in that’s pretty much stealing ????????

  84. Lisa says:

    if you leave your job because of a terroristic threat by a patient and the office manager did nothing. I quit as I am afraid to go back there. However they offered me a job in another facility that is 1 1/2 hours away from my home. Do I have to except this job?

    • Nick says:

      If you do not accept, it may be considered as quitting voluntary, making you ineligible.

      Please call the Unemployment Office in your state for further information.

  85. Christian Vivas says:

    I tried calling in as I worked in NJ for 12 months (2 years previously in NY) so I technically do not qualify to file a claim online, but when I try the phone and answering a barrage of questions by this machine, when it goes to transfer me to a person, it says no person is available and to go online. What is the deal? I need to file for unemployment while i’m looking. Please advise.

    • Nick says:

      Please follow the instructions carefully and choose the relevant option. The systems are mostly automated to accommodate various requests claimants have.

      If you want to speak to a person, try calling during non-peak hours.

  86. Brent says:

    I’m in NJ and my 6 months unemployment just ran out. I know there is no federal aid available at this time. Is there any kind of extension available in NJ? I can’t reach anyone on the phone at the unemployment office. Thanks.

    • Nick says:

      There is no form of extension available as far as I am aware. Please visit the official website to find out more.

  87. Harry says:

    It looks like extended benefits are still not available once your initial claim is exhausted. I am an out of state (PA) person who worked in NJ, am I able to collect in PA since I exhausted the UE benefits?

  88. Barbara Waters says:

    I was laid off from my job in NY in October 2016. I had worked in NY 26 out of 36 years. I worked in NJ for the other 10. My company moved from NY to NJ and then I took a different job in NY in 1998 and have worked in NY ever since. I paid both NY and NJ UI. I filed for NY benefits and received them. They will expire soon and I have been unable to find a job in NY or NJ. Once my NY benefits run out can I apply for NJ?

    • Nick says:

      UI benefits are not revolving in nature. You can only apply for them for once. If you have benefit weeks left over from the previous claim, you can transfer them to NJ.

  89. DD says:

    My unemployment ran out the end of February, I was told there are NO extensions at this time in NJ. Since that time I have found a job but the position does not start until mid-June. Is it worth trying to get in touch with an agent to discuss possible extension in this case or would it be a waste of my time?

  90. Stan J says:

    I claimed benefits today as usual on a reopened claim. I see that today there is a note that my benefit year has ended, I still have 7 weeks of benefits on this claim. What happens now?

    Thank you

    • Nick says:

      Please call the claims center for further information on your claim. We do not have access to your file since this is a private forum.

  91. Daniel Haviland says:

    to whom it may concern, I have my unemployment debit card and it is due to expire at the end of April 2016. please let me know how to proceed. Will I automatically receive one by mail or is there sa contact number for me to follow up on this. Tks.

    • Nick says:

      Please make a request by calling the phone number that you dial to make weekly claims and lookout for a relevant option.

  92. Paul M. says:

    I filed a Temporary disability claim in August 2015. This was forwarded to the office of Disability during Unemployment. I’m unsure why because I was still employed, but disabled. In any event, The company and I separated in March 2016 and I filed an Unemployment claim which was approved. After 13 weeks, it appears as though my allotted amount for UI will be depleted. I was under the impression that UI in NJ lasted 26 weeks. Is this not accurate? Did my Temporary Disability claim, which was forwarded to Disability during Unemployment draw from my UI? Any clarification would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Nick says:

      In your case, I doubt if the disability had any impact on your UI claim. One can get “up to” 26 weeks of benefits and not necessary that all claimants will be approved the higher limit.

      For further questions, please call the claims center.

  93. Deana says:

    I forgot to claim my weekly benefits today(Sunday) they only allow you to do it until 5, can I claim tomorrow online or do I have to call in Tuesday by my social security ending number. What happens, is it considered the same week.

  94. Adam says:

    Is there any way to tell whether I will receive my unemployment benefits on Tuesday or Wednesday? I have a good open claim, claimed my benefits early Sunday morning online and it says am eligible and that they were paid that day. But they are not in my account or showing as pending now on Monday. Is there any way to know how or why they would be in on Tuesday or Wednesday?

  95. PamD says:

    My office is moving further away from my home, I am unable to make the move with them am I eligablefor unemployment benefits? Theyhave not offered me any other options.

    also what is the standard benefits, how many weeks?
    Any extensions available


    • Nick says:

      Depending on how you qualify for, you can be offered up to 26 weeks of regular benefits.

      There is no extension after that.

  96. Nickabu says:

    I’ve been claiming my benifits online every week for 4 weeks up this moment.
    The 1st week ending on April 23rd was claimed on April 27,
    the 2nd weeks ending on April 30th was claimed on May 7th,
    the 3rd week ending on May 7th was claimed on May 11th,
    And the 4th week ending on May 14th was claimed today May 17th

    And I’m freaking out because I haven’t received anything into my bank account since then. What do you think I should do? It’s been 4 weeks now and I’m reading around on the web that it’s the 1st 4 weeks that take forever. Do I have to contact the customer service to talk to any rep?

    Thank you,

    • Nick says:

      Yes, please. In such situations, call the claims center immediately and speak to a rep for status.

      Looks like, its struck somewhere in the system.

  97. Jl says:

    Did a claim today and received a confirmation number. Then went to the claim inquiry page and hit cancel and exit application. Does that mean the actual claim got cancelled.

  98. Rob neall says:

    I have an out of state claim have been waiting five weeks for other states to send money ton just how can I speed this up before I sink

  99. David says:

    My 26 weeks of standard unemployment benefits are nearly up. Is there a State of NJ Unemployment Extension available at this time?

    • Nick says:

      Hello David,

      Regret the delay in response.

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  100. Lynn says:

    Good Afternoon
    Is there currently an extension for benefits in New Jersey

    • Nick says:


      Please note there is no federal extension available. Please call the Unemployment Office for further information in this regard.

  101. Katherine M. says:

    My unemployment benefits has run out almost 2 months ago and if there are no extensions what is a person like me supposed to do in order to live & pay my bills so I won’t end up homeless?

    • Nick says:

      We can understand your plight. There is not federal extension available.

      Please call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided to find out further.

  102. Mary says:

    If your unemployment benefits has run out & there are no extensions in New Jersey & no one has yet to call me for a job what other options do I have in order to pay my bills?

  103. Loretta says:

    I lost half of my families income when I lost my job! My unemployment ran out and I have been told there are no extensions…..are there any other options??? I don’t want to lose my home! I’m interviewing regularly and looking for work every day but I make a high safety and my age bay be now eiejkg against me. Is there any free schooling I can receive if I need to move in another direction?? I’m getting desperate!!

    • Nick says:

      I can understand your frustration. Its strongly recommended that you visit the local office of the Labor Department in your city/town to find answers pertaining to training and jobs.

  104. chimp says:

    What is the standard weeks of unemployment? I have been working with no break in employment for ocerv10 years. I opened my claim in Late April and as of last week I have no moreason benefits. That was only about 12 weeks. Is that right?

    • Nick says:

      Depending on multiple eligibility conditions, a claimant can get up to 26 weeks of regular unemployment benefits.

  105. Shauna Schwartz says:

    i have returned to work but i have only filed my application how do i cancel my application process

  106. sue says:

    Hi my employer is relocating 45 miles from my home it will take about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to get there and it will cost an addtional 15 dollars a day. If I do not go with them can I file for unemployment and be approved?

    • Nick says:

      You can be eligible due to the “distance” factor.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for further clarification and apply accordingly.

  107. Chris Unger says:

    I made a mistake on my application and now I have a non monetary appointment. Will they be able to fix my application so I can collect benefits I have already been approved for?

  108. Sandra says:

    Something’s wrong here. I’ve been collecting unemployment since the first week of May 2016.
    By law I’m supposed to get 26 weeks, 6 months of unemployment. That would take me trough October 2016. I happened to look at my remaining balance today when I claimed and it says I only have 2 WEEKS left. WHAT??? I’m missing 8 weeks of benefits! How do I fix this? I can’t afford to live off of nothing and not a job in sight yet.
    I didn’t quit or get fired, my company closed after 80 years of operation.

    • Nick says:

      Please call the Claims Center immediately on the phone numbers provided for further assistance. Make sure to chase them at frequent intervals until resolution.

  109. Marissa says:

    I was laid in April and was able to collect partial unemployment. In August I was fired due to availability. I had told my boss I wouldn’t be able to do evenings but I could do all other shifts. I filed a new claim and was told I would need to do an over the phone interview. I’m scheduled for the interview on Sept 22nd. My 2 questions are Will I qualify for benefits? If so, how long of a wait is it to receive the money from the claimed weeks? I’m very worried because I’m falling behind in all bills.

    • Marissa says:

      Laid off

    • Nick says:

      From the information you’ve provided in the comment above, you should qualify to receive benefits.

      The initial claim can take anywhere between 7-10 business days to be processed. Thereafter, it will be done as per the timelines. Best wishes for the interview.

  110. Greg says:

    I was layed off recently and applied for UI benefits online. I recited all the necessary info in the mail and followed the instruction to file on the date they gave me as my first date to file, and while filing for the first time, it stated that, on file they have a start of new employment date. I have started speaking with a new company, but not working for pay as of yet. 1. Where did they get that new employment date from? And don’t they know if you are working or not simply based on your SSN and taxation? I did tell my ex employer that I was working already, just to be a bit snide. Would they have reported that I may have began working elsewhere? What will happen now?

    • Nick says:

      You can call the Claims Center on the phone numbers provided to report the talks as well as to get all your questions addressed appropriately.

  111. Sofia Burke, RN, BSN says:

    My unemployment is about to expire. What other choices do I have. I was turned down twice fm select medical. I applied twice.

    2 separate jobs. The sad thing I was lied to. I was told nothing was available but they held an open house a week later. Got the mail advertisement addressed to me. !i had a 2 hr interview told no RN positions available. Maybe descrimination

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

      • Sherry says:

        On the NJ Labor Dept website it notes “Once the emergency unemployment compensation (EUC) runs out, extended benefits kick in. New Jersey offers 20 weeks of extended benefits beyond that point. In order for EB to become active, New Jersey had to have an unemployment rate that averaged 6.0% over a three-month period.” It appears that the unemployment rate for NJ is currently at 6.5 and has been for a few months.
        Are benefits extended once your 26 weeks expire? I have worked for the past 35 years and was laid off in June. My benefits will expire in 8 weeks. I have been searching for a job every day but still cannot find anything.
        If benefits are no longer extended then why is it noted on the njunemployment.com website?

        • Nick says:

          Well, the EUC (Emergency Unemployment Compensation) has expired. I suggest that you call the Unemployment Office to inquire about the availability of “Extended Benefits”. The information has been provided for reference only.

          • Laurence says:

            I’m in the position that Sherry is in. I have tried to call the unemployment office for weeks and u can never get through to a live person. What do we do now?

          • Nick says:

            Please try to visit an office in the vicinity for an update.

  112. Emma says:


    I had worked from 2013.10 through 2014.8 and then started working again in 2016.2 and have been working.

    Am I not qualified for unemployment benefits because I had not been working for the past 18 months consecutively?

    • Nick says:

      You need to have the required amount of earnings in the last 4-5 calendar quarters. Please use the calculator available on this website or call the Unemployment Office for further details on eligibility.

  113. Craig says:

    I became unemployed months ago and I am currently collecting unemployment benefits. I recently was diagnosed with cancer, need surgery, and chemo. How do I switch to temporary disability?

  114. Honesty says:

    Every body should stop asking for a extention,it will be better if you get a career don’t you think??? Well unemployment department have the obligation to pay up to 5,000 dollars for you career,but they don’t want you to know it.they want the minority to stay low.if they want to help you they will tell you about these program that is been around for many years,and the money it comes from your long hard working years of taxes,all you have to do is talk to your consular,now they are going to denied it because they don’t want you to success they are going to make any single excuse for you not to have it.but thanks to these post that I made now you know it go and have a career,when I say a career it means from comercial class a truck driver to x ray techniccian.go and claims what’s yours.

  115. Honesty says:

    It’s time to have a better future,unemployment people they never work for you

  116. JOSEPH says:

    are there extension yes or no
    i was laid off 7-29-16
    worked for 1.6 years straight

    • Nick says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  117. Fran says:

    I had a mission trip planned out of the US way before I was laid off. If I skip a week of filing, is it made up at the end or will I be penalized for skipping a week?

  118. Philip says:

    I am about to be furloughed for 2 weeks, am I eligible for UI for those 2 weeks?

    • Nick says:

      Not sure if you will be eligible to claim UI benefits during this period.

      Please call the Unemployment Office.

    • Janet says:

      In most cases, workers do not receive any unemployment benefits during the first week that they are unemployed. They must endure a one-week waiting period. Thus you could receive 1 week of unemployment for your two week furlough.

  119. Gina says:

    Will there be a delay in getting paid UI benefits due to Christmas Day and New Years Day falling on Sunday’s if you are one of those people who claim online every Sunday?

  120. Janet says:

    I was recently laid off from my job and am 54 years old. If I defer receiving my pension can I receive unemployment monies?

  121. Armani says:

    Hi Nick,

    My benefits claim has expired I’m about to receive my last payment this upcoming week Tuesday. My question is my claim actually has 2 different jobs on, my job from New York and my most recent job which was in New Jersey. Am I eligible to claim for New York State because my claim was approved back in July and is now expired.

    • Nick says:

      You will not be able to restart or duplicate a claim.

      Once you’ve been approved and paid a fixed amount of weeks, that will be the end.

  122. Kate says:

    I filed my NJ UI online this morning around 8:30 a.m. (Thursday Jan. 12th) Will I be able to get my money direct deposited by Friday afternoon or Saturday?

  123. Tiffany says:

    I applied for my up benefits in November…I had a 8 week penalty period..I called the reemployment center and spoke to someone and they said it would be in my account this week…but when I went to file for my weekly benefits after I finish it said my claim has been pended..What does that mean?

  124. I worked in New Jersey and received my unemployment benefits from NJ. I also worked in NY 2001-2016 for the same company.

    My unemployment benefits stop on 7/8/2017. I was unable to secure a job in NJ and moved back to New York. I am trying to get work without success so far. I am 66 years old and will be 67 in April. I find that my age is holding companies back by hiring me? Is there some Resources such as school I can get for my age?
    Thank you.

  125. Meant to say benefits ended on 1/8/2017.

  126. Gerri says:

    I have been a 12 month employee of a school district for over 10 years now. I work for a state grant program, not as a teacher. Due to budget and program changes, they may be reducing my contract for next year to 10 months. Would I be able to apply for benefits for the 2 months I will now be unemployed?

    • Nick says:

      It depends on multiple factors. First, contract employees are not generally eligible. Secondly, seasonal workers also do not qualify due to the nature of the job.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for clarification and apply accordingly.

  127. Hi Nick
    I am still waiting to hear from you regarding my unemployment.
    I worked 14 years for the same company. 4 years in New York and the last 10 years in NewJersey. I did receive unemployment benefits from New Jersey after being laid off for lack of work.
    After trying to secure work in New Jersey with no success, I moved back to New York. I have been applying for work with no success in New York.
    Are there any programs such as schooling in NY that I can take to help me secure a job.
    I am 66 years old and will turn 67 in April this year. I find that the companies are looking at my age and not hiring me because of that. I know there should be no discrimination but I do believe there is.
    I appreciate your response.

  128. Faris Farwell says:

    So, I was fired from my job, but of course, they are allowed to appeal my claim. I gave my phone interview, but then they failed to appear. If this was a court case and the officer didn’t show up, the case is usually dismissed. Why isn’t the same rule applicable, since it most certainly would apply to me if I missed the phone call?

    So now I’m dutifully waiting on this archaic system to let me know if I’m going to be able to eat sometime soon because “All of our numbers are busy, and this is an automatic recording.”

    How does that make any sense?

    Are the phones ever NOT in that pre-recorded script mode?

    Because this feels like an incredibly overcomplicated system for something that is supposed to be providing RELIEF, NOT MORE STRESS.

    Please help!

    I need a number to speak to a claims agent that i can ACTUALLY SPEAK TO.

    • Nick says:


      I can understand your frustration. You can refer to the documents supplied for contact details. You must be contacting someone like an “Adjudicator” and not the Claims Team.

  129. Jim says:

    What do you do when your unemployment benefits end, who can you reach out to? I’ve worked endlessly and put into the system since 1996, this is not really fair that you only get 20 weeks.

    • Nick says:

      There is nothing much one can do after the expiry of the claims.

      You may call the Unemployment Office to inquire about state provided extension.

  130. Kimberlie says:

    I had tried to call to claim by bi-weekly benefits and I couldn’t claim it on Friday so what do I do to get my two weeks back pay? I just tried to claim it online this Sunday morning but it only allowed for this week so how do I get the 2 weeks prior pay before this week here?

  131. angelo says:

    what does it mean if I received a letter with unemployment insurance instructions but then go to claim on the date instructed and it says certification error? does this mean I was denied? why would they have sent me the instructions and appointment notice that had no appointment date for me? HELP ME

    • susheel says:

      Please do not panic. It may a logistical glitch. Please call and speak to a member of the claims center for resolution.

  132. Angel says:

    Is anyone having an issue claiming benefits online today????

  133. Mary says:

    I have been trying to contact the unemployment office on the phone. I get either no one on the phone or the call back system also hangs up on me. If I can’t get anybody on the phone how do I speak to a representative? at 8:30 a.m. the system claims to have high call volume. I need to speak to someone it’s been 8 weeks. Is there an office that I can visit?

  134. Lucy says:

    I filed my claim in October 2016 and received the maximum weekly benefit as of that time. The state of New Jersey increased the maximum benefit by $20 per week, effective January 1, 2017, but my benefit payments have not increased. Shouldn’t I have started receiving the higher amount as of January?

  135. Marie says:

    We live in NJ and my husband worked in PA. His unemployment has run out in PA, can he open a claim or receive money from a previous opened claim in NJ?

    • susheel says:

      Unemployment Insurance benefits are not revolving in nature.

      You will only be able to claim them for one full cycle.

  136. Steve says:

    Have worked the past 29 years with one employer – first 18 in nj then 10 years in NY, and the last 12 months in NJ. How do I apply for benefits given that I have called 6 times on different days and there are no agents available?

  137. Latisha says:

    I would like to know are they giving extension. Because my unemployment ran out last week and I’ve been seeking employment and not having any luck at all

    • Jacob says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  138. cherie says:

    Hi… I live in middlesex county.. i’m running out of time to prove my children. where do i need to go to do this. i’ve tried calling all the numbers to talk with someone, but it’s always too high call volume. I just need the address. i went to the place i thought last year and they said they no longer did those things at that location. please please tell me which place i should be going to. Thank you

  139. scott mc cloud says:

    does a base year appox 6 years ago count..i went out on ssdi…using the ticket to work program..i started my trail period…started working in the electricial union…would I be eligible for unemployment ..the job is for 3 weeks…last claim opened with 4 weeks paid ..then applied for ssdi….can I use the rest of that original claim..Thank you….

    • Jacob says:

      “Base Period” is generally the last 4-5 calendar quarters.

      Please call the Unemployment Office for specific details with regard to your situation.

  140. Erica says:

    I filed a claim on June 18…. had my phone interview august 22….they claims examiner needed to contact the employer from where I got fired from … they didn’t answer… said they had 48 hours to call back …. if they don’t than they will make a decision…. haven’t heard anything back or anything in the mail….. how long does it take to get approved and how can I check

    • Jacob says:


      You must chase the authorities at regular intervals for an update. Generally, they keep you updated on the progress made.

  141. Joe says:

    My unemployment is due to expire in 3 weeks, I’m 64 but will turn 65 in 2 weeks, have been actively seeking work, have filled out numerous online applications, only get back confirmation receipt of my application, have attended several job fairs and gave out many resumes and received back business cards but no offers, like everybody else have bills to pay, can I file for extended benefits?

    • Jacob says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  142. My regular unemployment benefits is set for expire on Sept. 2, 2017. I do have a hard time to fine a job. My question is after expiration of my regular unemployment I will be get a extention or no?

    • Jacob says:

      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  143. C says:

    My former employer of 20 years fired me for misconduct. My phone hearing is today
    can they deny unemployment.

  144. Karen Lanza says:

    I tried to reopen my claim the other day and when I was finished I printed it out and forgot to “SUBMIT ” now I tried to go back in to redo the claim and it won’t let me it said I already have a claim opened.
    Can someone help me please?

    Thank you,

  145. Kathie says:

    I filed a NJ Unemployment claim on 11/1/17.
    I received my eligibility determination in the mail indicating I am eligible for benefits, although there is NO date noted for me to call in or file my weekly claim online. I called the claims center and was unable to get through to anyone. The wait time was so long they were not taking any more calls for that day at 12:00 p.m.

    Please help

  146. Jason says:

    Hours reduced due to lack of work until April. Filed UI on 12/29/17. This reopened my old claim that expires on 12/31/17. Since Old claim will expire before I even get a chance to file my last week (which would be minimal since I received almost a full pay for last week. (my week goes Fri to Thus, State is Sun to Sat) Should I automatically open a new claim on 1/1/18? I worry if I wait to get notice from old claim (which will be expired) I will be delayed an extra few weeks waiting and will have to fight to get back pay from 1/1/18 on. Past experience has shown me the system will not intuitively roll me into a new claim. In past I have found I would not even get paid for old claim without a phone call (That i try to avoid at all costs) once it expires. Worry filing a new claim will flag both claims. Any help or advice??

    • Jacob says:


      I hope its all sorted now. If you’re still confused, we suggest you call the Claims Center and speak to a representative.

  147. Harry says:

    Why would my claim become pended in the middle of collecting. The only thing that has changed is I’m going back to school for job training, which is through workforce development. I don’t see why this should happen if unemployment is paying for the schooling.

    • Jacob says:


      Please call the Claims Center for clarification. This is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file.

  148. roy says:

    hey my claim status is “coming soon” what does that mean? anyone please!

  149. Gerard steele says:

    On My day to claim benefits the office was closed due to holiday when do i claim?

  150. joan cadamatre says:

    i can’t get my 1099 to make my income tax

  151. cindy york says:

    How many weeks of unemployment are available in NJ? I will be losing my job at the end of the month and am very worried. I have already begun networking and looking for a new position but for peace of mind just want to know what is the total number of weeks you can get.

    • Jacob says:


      A claimant can get up to 26 weeks of UI benefits. It depends on how much you’ve been approved for depending on the eligibility.

  152. Cindy says:

    I have filed my claim the weekend after i got terminated/released. I had a phone interview on 2/7/18 I was told i should receive an update on whether or not i was approved or denied the following week. I received nothing in the mail than I waited patiently I called the office two weeks later to find out what was the issue. I was told my claim was pending and the adjuster had till 2/22/18 to make a decision. That was 2 days ago I have not seen an update on the NJUIFILE.NET website. I am struggling to make ends meet is there a way to speed up this process as my claim is still saying pended. I have a family to take care of and i sent this adjuster all the paperwork she requested to prove my case after i got off the phone with her during the phone interview. So I don’t understand the hold up. How long does it take to approve a claim she told me my previous employers had 48 hours to respond back to her and if they didn’t she would make her decision. That was back on 2/7/18. I don’t think it’s cool that these adjusters toy with peoples lives. You pay into unemployment for a reason. Just truly disgusted with NJ…

  153. Joe Griffo says:

    I need My W2 Tax Form How can I get it I cant get anyone phone


  154. Patricia says:

    I have been receiving unemployment benefits, but just started a new job. Must I notify someone that I am now employed? If so, where can I do that online? I have tried finding an appropriate place, but have been unsuccessful. Thank you in advance for your assistance.

  155. Beret Erway says:

    when will I get my 1099-G? where can I find it online so I can finish my taxes?

  156. Dawn says:

    My 26 weeks are almost up, and I’m still unable to find employment, is it true extended unemployment benefits no longer exist? I don’t know what I’m going to do.

    • Jacob says:


      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  157. Samantha Drakeford says:

    I need to get my w-2 how do I go about getting it on here?, I tried but it says that after 1/8/18 all accounts were deleted do I have to create another account?

    • Jacob says:


      You should be able to download a copy of the W2 from the official website of the Unemployment Office. Alternatively, please call the Claims Center for assistance.

  158. I want to reset my pin so I can do my claim for my payment

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please call the Claims Center for password reset assistance.

  159. Pam Hirt says:

    Partial Unemployment
    I claim NJ unemployment benefits for being downsized from a full time job. I’m also employed part time, a job which I started before the full time job, but whose wages are now deducted from my benefit amount before I’m paid. Why is this?
    Also, I was recently injured and am not healing well due to the part time job- I drive 6 hours a day delivering Rx and my leg is in a stationary position most of that time. Can I quit my PT job and still collect benefits?

    • Jacob says:


      Firstly, if you quit voluntarily due to medical conditions, you will not qualify. For a precise answer to your first question, please call the Unemployment Office.

  160. Lynne Kenuk says:

    I’m a school bus driver only required to work the school year. Summer work is voluntary. For the past 5 years collected unemployment during the summer months. This year 2 days before end of school we were notified we can’t collect unemployment that we must work the summer or no unemployment. Is this correct.

    • Jacob says:


      Seasonal workers are generally not eligible to collect Unemployment Insurance benefits due to the nature of work. Please call the Unemployment Office to confirm.

  161. Elisamuel says:

    Como obtengo una negativa del desempleo de nj via correoelectronico

  162. Moises Rollins says:

    I’m need to fax some information to a lady at the Unemployment office named Mrs Murray. She gave me a fax # 856-614-2232 but it does not work. Would you be able to help me get the right fax# Thanks

    • Jacob says:


      Hope you were able to get hold of an alternate fax number. If not, please call the Claims Center for further assistance.

  163. Tony says:

    I was let go from my job so I decided to take advantage of this opportunity to get certified. Do you offer CDL training, for those of us who are on unemployment insurance??

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we have limited information state-sponsored training programs. Please call the Unemployment Office for guidance.

  164. Karen says:

    I filed for unemployment benefits back on February 24, 2019 and was approved. However, I never claimed my benefits. When I login to my account it still shows my balance that is due to me and how much money I am suppose to receive each week. My question is>>>> Do I have to start all over again and file another claim or do I try to claim my benefit? Also, I do NOT have a pin number. How do I obtain a pin number?

    • Jacob says:


      You should be able to continue from where you had left as long as you’re still unemployed. Please call the Claims Center for assistance on both the queries.

  165. Florentina popovici says:

    How can I get the PIN to claim by phone or computer my weekly unemployment benefits?

    • Jacob says:


      You should be able to set it up over the phone/online. Please speak to the Unemployment Office for directions.

  166. Ronnie says:

    Oner benefits are exhausted, how do you know if you qualify for an extension?

    • Jacob says:


      The E.U.C(Emergency Unemployment Compensation) remains expired. There is no extension available. Please inquire further with the labor authorities in your state by calling them.

  167. Rashid Assaf says:

    Hi I applied last monday 3/21/2020. My claim is still pending. I’ve sent 2 emails already and tried calling but can not get through. My employer for the past 6 months did not show during the application so I had to type in their info. Can someone please look into this?

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum and we do not have access to your claim file. Please keep trying the phone or seek help on the Unemployment Office website.

  168. Lauren says:

    I did try that unemployment site, Jacob. I went to claim my weekly benefits and it’s saying I made a pin and I never did. The only way for me to change it is to have someone reset it. I have now been trying to get a hold of someone for 1 1/2 weeks and it’s impossible for me to at the unemployment office. I do not want to lose out on all these weeks of pay. I’m very stressed out!!

  169. Joseph Chelhowski says:

    I filed my claim on March 23 and I do have a confirmation number but I have yet to receive any information via email or by mail about my claim I was wondering if that is common with what is going on right now

    • Jacob says:


      Considering the nationwide situation, there is a shortage of personnel handling unemployment applications. Please be patient and keep checking regularly for an update on status.

  170. nohora GIRALDO says:

    hi i filed my claim on march 23 2020 i dont have any information i checking my status is always pending. di i have to do it againg or wait thank you

  171. Mary Anne says:

    Does this stimulus package provided by the government offer extensions to the regular unemployment benefits?

  172. Warren Keith Ellis says:

    Iam current US NATIONAL GUARD VETERAN I have been advise by my doctor to don’t evevn go out side how is it certain people are already applying for extensions but others must wait for letters I guest it’s your zip code

  173. Thomas says:

    I filed March 15, got paid for two weeks on the 28th, filed again on the fourth and haven’t been paid since. I’m now owed for two weeks and see no indication that I will be. Anyone else have this issue? I have a confirmation number, but there is nobody to speak with

  174. Patrice says:

    I was not called back to school aide position in September 2019 (school budget cut).

    I just applied for the unemployment benefit in March, 2020. Is that OK?

  175. Natalia says:

    My unemployment has been “pending” for two weeks. The website now states that if ur case says “pending” to either check ur inbox for an email from e-jurisdiction or a letter in the mail. But I received neither. I try to call but it always says to call on the next business day no matter what time I try. What do I do?

  176. Danielle Campsmith says:

    I am self employed and have filed for unemployment for the first time in my life. It says I received $0 in benefits. I understand I need to appeal. When I call the designated phone number, it is constantly busy. What should I do?

    • Jacob says:


      Please keep trying. The office might be short-staffed due to the sudden surge in the number of applications.

  177. Alyssa Carlos says:

    I have emailed numerous times and tried to call as well because I have not received any of my unemployment checks. I never got a response to my emails. I filed for unemployment on 03/15/2020. My claim status says Filed and there are dollar amounts in the WBR field. However, I have been trying to claim my weekly benefits since I have filed. Each week, it tells me that me claim is not payable at this time. I am not sure why this is happening. And I would really appreciate any assistance.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. Please note there will be a delay in processing the claims due to the sudden surge in the number of applications. Please keep checking regularly.

  178. Janet says:

    During this Covid-19 Pandemic does anyone know exactly how you would represent your employment status being a Realtor (i.e., are you self employed and do you use your own address)?
    I am filing a claim for my mother-in-law and I want to make sure that I am completing it correctly for her.
    Please feel free to email: janetlarsen130@gmail.com – with any advise/information you may have. Thanking you in advance for your anticipated help.

    • Jacob says:


      I hope you were able to get to the bottom of it. If you’re self-employed, please use your own credentials.

  179. Joseph Craparotta says:

    Your system is messed up, I enter My ss number and it tells me to hold on for an operator and then it tells me to call 732–761-2020 and nobody answers again.

    • Jacob says:


      Please note this is a private forum. The Unemployment Office might be severely short-staffed. Please try finding questions to your answers online, on the department’s website.

  180. joe thomas says:

    Is there a certain time that direct deposit gets credited to your account<

    • Jacob says:


      There is an intermittent delay owing to the massive number of applications. Please be patient and keep checking at regular intervals.

  181. James says:

    How do you file for back weeks of unemployment? I’ve tried to reach the office and no one answers.

  182. Sharon Calmon-Hess says:

    I was receiving the Cares Act funds of $600.00 for 3 weeks and it just stopped. I haven’t received any additional information from the Labor office about this issue or been informed that i wasn’t going to receive it. I have notify then my email and phone. Email is telling me that I am going to receive it. No matter what time I call it states call back tomorrow. Any help would greatly be appreciated. Thanks

    • Jacob says:


      Have you been making a regular claim? Please keep chasing at regular intervals. There will be an intermittent delay due to the number of pending applications.

  183. ken says:

    I was laid off from a company, but I am supposed to get some commission for a sale that happened in March. Will that commission check effect my unemployment that I am collecting now?

  184. Dana Hampson says:

    My dtr was employed as a leave replacement teacher from 9/1/19 -6/30/20. She has a few job offers to start again in Sept but hasn;t signed any contract.She will be unemployed this summer due to her summer camp job not operating due to COVID. She may get another PT job, but hasn’t done so yet. Pls advise if she is eligible to collect unemployment since she has no employment except for the possibility of a part time job she is waiting to hear back on

    • Jacob says:


      Seasonal/contract workers are generally not eligible to claim. However, your state may have something to offer considering the pandemic. Please reach out to the Unemployment Office/visit the website.

  185. MARIA says:

    I have applied 3 times (03/22, 04/26 and 06/28) and no response at all. Each time after I apply the status of my claim appears as PENDING for few weeks and then nothing pops up. I have called several times, they say they will review my case but nothing happens. Can somebody help please!! I really need help. Thanks

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals until payments normalize.

  186. Shannon says:

    I’ve been furloughed since March. I live in NJ but work in PA. I originally filed with PA. Was denied. Filed for appeal. When they contacted me, they said I need to file with NJ since thats where my taxes were paid. I’ve filed with NJ in June and July 2020. Have heard nothing. My employer has had no communication with NJ UI office for their portion of the process. I check the status daily. Nothing changes. What else can I do so I can get some idea that progress is being made.
    Thank you.

    • Jacob says:


      There will be an intermittent delay considering the number of pending applications. Please wait and keep chasing regularly.

  187. Maryann Wright says:

    I’m a state employee and I haven’t been able to file my claim online for my furlough layoff. It won’t accept my claim application and I can’t get through to have someone fix my account.i spoke to someone at dol 3 weeks ago and they said someone would get back to me and nobody ever did. I left an email several times and nobody had responded. My problem is simple. It just involves my last name Vs maiden name. I tried changing my name online and it accepted it but system still shows incorrect name. Please help.

    • Jacob says:


      I can understand your situation. There will be a delay considering the number of applications that are being processed. Please continue chasing the office/check your status online at regular intervals.

  188. Jblack says:

    Please help … I claim for benefits last week , try to claim this week & my benefits year has expired smh WHY ? & this is my first time claiming my benefits, I don’t understand what’s going on

  189. Johnathan linn says:

    I kept getting pending for my claim but my benefit year ran out and I had to reapply but finally I sub,utter letters on the online send into the state and this week I was able to collect all my back pay from July 12 on until I ran out of my additional fed Ben but I did keep on it I would call the telephone line not the Internet and keep hitting to claim weekly benefits and finally it allowed me to do so so I would call and claim and also I hit unemployment not under the federal funded one

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